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Living with joy during Covid - advancing mindfully but with courage.

As Californians and Bay Area Residents, we have all done a tremendous job of fighting back against Covid, resulting in our state reopening on June 15, 2021. Although elated, we are extremely aware that Covid is not gone. Covid mutations continue to concern us and no one, not even the best Epidemiologists, Infectious Diseases physicians or virologists know when or how Covid will finally end.
At Hair International the safety and health of our clients, their families and ourselves is first and foremost - continuing to provide a safer, more protected environment wherein we offer hair our services.
This means: Having our Environmental Health and Safety Consultant [CIH] working with us regularly, keeping us informed and up-to-date as to any Covid developments. By April 30, 2021, all of our team members had been fully vaccinated. We are continuing to mask, disinfect with EPA -approved product only, and distance whenever possible.
We have decided to permanently adhere to occupancy limitations, keeping far fewer workers and clients present at the same time in the salon.
Opening at 7am for clients that prefer to be seen alone by their stylist.
We continue to use our six hospital - grade HEPA air purifiers 24 hours a day.
We continue to pipe in fresh air through our HVAC system.
There is no way to thank all of you properly - our wonderful clients and friends for their patience, understanding and support, our courageous stylists, colorists, apprentices and salon coordinators who fought so hard and with such grace to make our salon comeback a great one.
Thank you again. Seeing our clients faces and smiling eyes [despite the masks!] has made this journey easier and more meaningful for us.

With respect, affection and hope,
Pam Decharo
Salon Owner
And the entire Hair International Team